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The Shield Group Teams Up With BB&T and Plexus Groupe to BUST HUNGER!

On Thursday, April 25th, The Shields Group teamed up with fellow CFT4B Member Companies, BB&T and Plexus Groupe, to fight the good fight against childhood hunger.

Kids get free and reduced breakfast and lunch at school, but what happens when they go home for dinner? That's where Hunger Busters steps in to provide the "third meal"! Monday thru Friday, Hunger Busters makes 2,000 meals daily, and on Sundays it’s 6000 meals (to cover 2 days). With just 2 full-time employees, Hunger Busters relies on its volunteers.

Together, in just an hour and a half, our teams prepared over 2,200 third meals. Hunger Busters provides a large kitchen space and equipment to prepare a nutritious dinner in an assembly line fashion that includes a ham and cheese sandwich, an apple, applesauce and a cookie.

According to the North Texas Food Bank, one in every four kids in North Texas are food insecure (meaning they don’t know where their next nutritious meal will come from) which is almost 300,000 children.

To find out how you can help give back to the North Texas community, visit

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