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What legacy are you
leaving your children?

Your success legacy isn't just about the financial assets you have accumulated. It includes the values that supported your efforts. 

Introducing a blueprint for families to share the values that built the wealth.

Available on Amazon

Wealth, when not paired with wisdom,
is a double-edged sword.

The statistics are alarming. The wealth created by the first generation is often gone by the third generation. The wealth ran out because the heirs did not adopt the values that created it.

Don't leave your heirs unprepared for the reality of living with wealth without a set of principles to guide them.

Secure your legacy
beyond the financial assets.


The Bridge Between Wealth and Wisdom

Champion character over currency in your family lineage.

Introducing "Wealth that Lasts: 10 Principles of Legacy Wealth." It's the blueprint designed for affluent entrepreneurs like you, who desire to pass down more than just wealth to their children.

Through a compelling mix of insightful anecdotes, proven strategies, and actionable advice, it offers a roadmap to nurturing a legacy of wisdom and values.

"Wealth that Lasts" dives deep into the heart of what it means to build a lasting legacy that champions character over currency.

Why Listen to Me?

My name is James D. Shields

I have advised wealthy clients, business owners, and entrepreneurs as an attorney and investor for more than 30 years.


What I noticed is that the families who shared the values of persistence, gratitude, and leading with a servant's heart were more cohesive in their goals and vision for the future.

It became my mission to remind others to focus on values as well as assets, and to be mindful of showing their children the values that supported the wealth.

That's why I call it "Legacy Wealth."

Take a step back from wealth creation and use the 10 principles of Legacy Wealth to ensure your children inherit your values and your assets.

Available on Amazon. 

It's time to share the values that helped create your wealth. Legacy wealth taught to future generations ensures wealth that lasts.

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