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O U R     P O R T F O L I O

We examine investments from three different perspectives:

  1. Industry is stable or growing

  2. Collaborative founders want growth and efficiency

  3. The business adds value to its local community

Highly focused group of Family Offices finding and funding direct investments with a purpose

Legacy Aliiance.webp

One-of-a-kind taco concept serving premium food in a unique and funky fast-casual setting

Velvet Taco Logo.jpg
The Shields Group Addison Texas

A platform company operating in the U.S. aerospace distribution market

R&D company that designs and produces innovative mobile biosensors and devices

The Shields Group Addison Texas
The Shields Group Addison Texas

Custom homes builder in Fort Worth, TX and surrounding areas

Foundation system designed to build on expansive, compressible, collapsible, and rocky soils

S4 Logo.webp

Oilfield services company specializing in fluid transportation

The Shields Group Addison Texas

Rents private offices, office suites and coworking memberships where small businesses thrive


Provides home services, including security, connectivity, pest control, moving, and water filtration

OnIt Home Service Logo.png

An advanced hockey training system for players of all ages and skill levels

Gambit Training Technologies Logo.png

Transforming fragmented experiences across streaming devices into one seamless app


Cloud-based platform improving patient health & wellness through connected care.

The Shields Group Addison Texas

Fintech solution with an innovative risk management solution that
bolsters credit on individual loans

High-precision RTLS hardware and analytics for precise closed-system asset tracking


infrastructure investor focused on residential EV charging solutions in apartment communities

amperage transparent.png

Supply Chain & Logistics

Our portfolio also includes successful exits in



Medical & Healthcare

Commercial Real Estate

Other Industries

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