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Corporate Volunteering is the New Happy Hour.

Updated: Feb 27, 2018

Up until recently, Happy Hour has seemed to be the leading societal trend in employee engagement outside of the office. However, a new way of thinking is emerging in the corporate world. Small and large companies, including Shields Legal Group, are breaking the mold and engaging in something much more impactful to the community and morale boosting for the employees themselves. The Dallas Business Journal recently featured CFT for Business, an initiative that makes it easy for companies of all sizes to come together and volunteer in the community as well as network with one another. Shields Legal Group is honored to be a Cornerstone Sponsor of this exciting initiative.

Kathy Hoke, Principal/Attorney of Shields Legal Group, tells the Dallas Business Journal that “When you are cleaning up a riverbank next to someone when you’re normally in an office cubicle with them, you get to see them in a different light.”

Founder/Principal Attorney Jim Shields adds, “We were looking for an opportunity to engage our employees and ended up completely revitalizing our company and our team. It has breathed new life into our company. Our employees get excited and the social interaction both inside our company and outside has just been tremendous.”

So, the next time your company is trying to decide what to do for its next corporate social engagement, consider CFT for Business. The gratification and reward is much more than the typical happy hour.


Click here to see the full article in the Dallas Business Journal. 


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